Is richard dean anderson dating anyone

17-Oct-2017 11:58

TV Guide: , of course were interlopers in your domain?

Or was it fun to work with new blood, see new faces? I don't know whether I should even allude to this, but one of the ideas back then was that if I left the show, it would be the end of it. Anderson: I didn't know that part, but I was adamant with [executive producer] Brad [Wright]and Robert [Cooper] and anybody else who was in a position to listen, that it should forge ahead no matter what.

( visits this season but because the episode was the 200th of the decade-old show (airing Friday, Aug. Anderson talked to us about the anniversary, why he returned and what he's been up to. TV Guide: Hadn't you always turned down offers to do Mac Gyver in ads before? The foremost reason I left is because I truly wanted to spend time with my daughter. She actually said, before the folks made contact with me [about a return], "Dad, if you want to go back to work now, you can, because I'm OK. Maybe I'll miss you too much if I go back to work." She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Dad, you'll be OK." And I kept just brushing my proud tears from my cheeks. TV Guide: After that wonderful year, did you just ache to come back to work? To be honest, [around] the time they called, I was kind of thinking, "I wonder what they're doing today? TV Guide: I thought they had to beg you, but here you were, ready and able?

TV Guide: You haven't been entirely gone from show business. Anderson: Yeah, but this time they did it properly. Dan Castellaneta had done an episode of Stargate, and he asked straight out if I would ever be interested in doing . He and his wife both had written a script that featured myself [i]and[/i] Mac Gyver, so I was just beyond flattered and honored. I'm a single dad, and she was 5 1/2 or 6 years old, so I wanted to make sure, especially at that time in her life, that I was with her. Anderson: It was the absolute hands-down perfect decision to make. Anderson: I've had such a great relationship [with the show]. Basically, there was a lot to miss, because I'm not a real social human being. My whole perception of my work is that it's my social life as well. It's certainly kind of trite or cliché, but this is a family.

Recurring is really promising, but that might also mean that it could be harder to sign on Richard Dean Anderson for the long haul.

in 2013, He's reportedly cut back on acting a few years ago to spend time with his daughter, but it's not like he's officially retired or anything, and maybe a major network TV series would be enough to lure him back to the small screen.

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Sure, there were some stinkers along the way, which gladly we can all admit to.

So why has this series broken so many longevity records?

Anderson: I can only answer that by falling back on the answer I've used in the past, which is that I think it's the combination of the original movie's popularity, the existence of television's best prop ever in the Stargate and the concept behind all that, and that I probably brought some of the audience over from .

I really would have to have a big conversation with my family, with my daughter and other people, because sitting here now, on a Wednesday, I won't see Wylie until Saturday, and it's that kind of thing that I miss. Most of the time I can let that stuff bounce off me, but my relationship with her is so, so important.

I'll work again, but what I do with Stargate remains to be seen.

Thanks to an assortment of wrinkles and liver spots, the 47-year-old star of the new Showtime series will soon look like a centenarian.

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